Well, it’s been quite some time.

I’d love to tell you I’m about to release something new, but quite frankly, most of my time has been spent teaching a baby human to do things like eat and roll and be a nice person.  Unsure if it’s some strange parenthood side effect, but I’ve become nicer. My heart’s kind of defrosted and while it may not yet be room temperature, it’s no longer sub-zero.

I love being a father. Should’ve done it earlier.

Unfortunately, the hedonistic part of my life has had to take an extended leave of absence. The other day a few friends came over (they have a baby, too, so it was convenient for both parties) and I drank an entire bottle of wine. The next day I was bed-ridden with a hangover that could’ve taken down Shane MacGowan. Fuck. I used to drink a bottle of wine before going out a few years back. And in my prime, I’d drink two.

Other than my pathetic, although, probably quite healthy intolerance for booze, what’s the news?

Well I have been reading Len Deighton’s Game/Set/Match trilogy. There just ain’t enough cold war shit on the news right now, so I have to get it through fiction, too.

I can almost drive. A scary thought for anyone who remotely knows me.

I am still in Sydney. It’s dropped below 20 degrees C in the evening now, and the locals can’t handle it. All rugged up with their faux-Burberry scarfs and their Lulu Lemon beanies. But I love it, all short sleeves and it-ain’t-cold snark. While I miss home an awful lot, I turn on the news or read an English paper and it’s still the same old bullshit.

My friends have all but left London and are now scattered around the country. It’d be a very lonely place if I moved back there right now. And the thought of negotiating a pram on the Tube fills me with more dread than the first time I watched Event Horizon.

People have been reading Pills, according to my Amazon reports. Every now and then a review with trickle through on that or Goodreads. Mostly good, occasionally bad. It’s nice that I’ve reached people considering my promotion at the moment is virtually zero.

To say I have done no writing would be remiss. I have a little project. It’s sketched out quite nicely, but it’s so dark and it’s the one subject that really scares me, so it’s going to be a slog to write. But all the best things involve a little sweat, right?

Anyway, see you in six months.



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